Concept Development – Ibersuites

The Ibersuites concept was developed exclusively by the team at Mosaic and essentially consists of 2 clear and distinct elements (“Business Units”) that will trade independently but ultimately interact within a cohesive vision to provide differentation and business advantages that allow them to solve current real world problems within the initial target area (Southern Spain) and subsequently offer scaleability with the potential to expand into other markets with similar dynamics both domestically and internationally.

1. Ibersuites Homes – (Propco)

An innovative real estate development entity that offers new contemporary style apartments in prime touristic locations all delivered within clearly structured strict brand-standard guidelines. The properties differentiate from other developer offerings as they make intelligent use of internal space enabling the units to be significantly smaller (45m2) and therefore significantly more cost efficient than competing supply from other development groups. The reduced price points make the units accessible to the largest volume market segment and provide this segment with the unique ability to own new contemporary property without compromising on quality or location.

2. Ibersuites Hospitality – (Opco)

A professional brand-led operator positioned between the extended stay, hotel and private rental market segments. Ibersuites Hospitality will manage inventory provided by its partner Ibersuites Homes where the purchaser has elected to enter into a lease agreement to include their unit(s) within the Opco inventory in return for a fixed annual lease income which is calculated based on the required amount of elected personal usage.

The standardised brand-led approach provides the consumer with certainty on quality, cost, styling, decor and ensures some of the issues and variations that exist with existng decentralised offerings (like Airbnb) are avoided thus providing a genuinely viable alternative to both hotels and private rentals. Bookings and inventory are also managed centrally through a hotel style booking engine maximising occupancy and room rate.

Opco offers minimal services and intelligently utilises technology to minimise operational costs with an Ibersuites app eliminating key handling, concierge and guest registration requirements.

Combined Structure Benefits

The combined benefits of the Ibersuites Opco / Propco structure allows the developer to differentiate from competing inventory and achieve an enhanced unit rate of sale. The Opco benefits by having a dedicated supply of high quality inventory in key locations that offers a more professional and reliable alternative to private rentals and which can achieve annual revenues in excess of the offered lease values.

Note – For more detailed information about Ibersuites please request the Ibersuites Information Pack.