Professional Asset Brokerage

Mosaic provides professional asset brokerage (sales & acquisition) in relation to selected assets and asset classes (predominantly touristic residential & hospitaity). Prior to entering any brokerage agreement the group conducts comprehensive due diligence to ensure that Mosaic can provide value and that the expectations of all parties are realistic and achievable.

Unlike many brokerage relationships Mosaic asset brokerage services are conducted on an off-market basis with exclusivity and is subsequently executed pro-actively for a minimum agreed period which involves the development of various collateral including potential concepts and associated projections.  In order to minimise market exposure of the asset Mosaic systematically approaches a limited number of well matched investors and investment groups within best practice confidentiality protocols.

All Assets

• Analysis Based Asset Selection
• Pre-Agreement Due Diligence
• Asset Specific Market Studies & Analysis
• Custom Sales and Marketing Collateral for Each Asset
• High Confidentiality Guaranteed Throughout
• Potential Concept Development & Projections
• Bespoke Approach to Selected Potential Purchasers
• Proposed Investment Structures
• Risk & Risk Mitigation Analysis

Hospitality Assets

• Negotiation of Lease & Management Agreements
• Best Suited Operator Identification
• Occupancy & Room Rate Advisory
• Value Add Refurbishment
• Forward Purchase Agreements